December 2018: download site ready, fine tuning: 6h

Januar 2019: Update – Sideboard („Mitmachen!“): 2h

Status Elternforum Website 24.01.2019

  • Download Site with protocols
  • Sideboard „Mitmachen!“ – Preliminary version
  • fine-tuning done (Menü, sites, photos, features, high quality EF-OH logo)
  • Dropbox for media exchange

Next Steps

  • create email addresses vorstand@elternforum-oh.ch, info@elternforum-oh.ch-> recipients??
  • forward Mitmachen form to info@elternforum-oh.ch
  • Elternforum website listed on www.schule-opfikon.ch website -> contact webmaster Stadt Option
  • Fine-tuning Sideboard „Mitmachen“

Minutes of meeting 27.11.2018

  • Download Site with protocols
  • Check photos status/  with opfikon stadt webmaster

Status Elternforum Website 27.11.2018


  • available on web, public: www.elternforum-oh.ch
  • design & format done
  • preliminary content

Next Steps

  • email address vorstand@elternforum-oh.ch, info@elternforum-oh.ch – recipients list, rules, etc…
  • initial content – to be updated
  • more quality photos
  • go live – announcement in the newsleter to parents
  • finetuning to do (Menü, sites, photos, features, high quality EF-OH logo)
  • extra functions (depending on demand)


  • Alles Oberhausen – Link auf der Website, cooperation
  • new menü element „Initiativen“ – everything what is not project, but also important
  • new Site …… (proposals)
  • ….